Problem sets are posted on courseworks.


Grading will be based on:
  1. scribing one lecture (10%);
  2. homeworks (55%): 7% first one, and 12% each of the next 4;
  3. final project and presentation (35%).

Scribing: due by midnight next day after lecture. You have to use the following LaTeX template: scribe.tex. For a short introduction to LaTeX, see this mini-course. The scribed lecture will be posted immediately after it is received so that the rest of the class can use it before the following lecture. The staff will review the scribe, and, if necessary, the scriber(s) will be asked to rectify the lecture.

Homeworks: 5 in total (roughly once in 2 weeks). You can collaborate on homeworks (with up to 3 colleagues). In this case, you have to: 1) write your own solutions, independently, 2) write clearly all the persons you have collaborated with. Extensions policy: you have a total of 5 days=120h of late submission of homeworks (to be used any time). No other extensions.

Projects are research-based, where you will be required to investigate a research topic on your own, and produce a report. Details are forthcoming.